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If honey needed a picture in the dictionary, Molly would be purr-fect!  Molly is sweet, mellow, and adaptable.  Here is her story:

A few years ago,  Molly's human parent died.  The family brought Molly and her best friend, Maeve, to the shelter.  These two inseparable friends were scared.  Once at TKN, Maeve, who was between 9 and 10 years old, passed away unexpectedly.  Molly has adapted to the loss and does well with the other cats at her foster home yet, she is searching for another friend who will walk with her, snuggle with her, and share secrets.  Unfortunately, all of the cats at her foster home are "only" cats and don't feel the need for this type of deep, abiding friendship.

She is a delightful companion for humans.  She enjoys being by your side, kneading your pillow, and sleeping next to you.  She would prefer to live with dogs who do not chase her (her foster dog brothers are naughty).  She really is as close to perfect as a furry family member can be.

Molly would like to thank the wonderful volunteers and staff at Genesee County Animal Control for their advocacy on behalf of her and Maeve and for providing the critical medical care that saved her life.  She had an infection that can happen when a cat is not spayed.  They also did not care that she is FIV positive which is progressive for a shelter

  • Est DOB 08/29/08
  • Adoption Fee $75

Below are some links with information on FIV:


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