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Cw Litter Sarah S

Sarah S and Joey J are best described as engaging enthusiastically with their environment. They were dumped at a place in the country when they were kittens and came to TKN between 3 and 4 months old about 5 years ago. Their foster mom was worried about making them available for adoption because she knows they will need a special home who will understand their zany approach to everything, obsession with food, and that they sometimes don't know how to handle all of the excitement of being with people. When you talk to them, they will give you the wide eyed innocent owl-like stare. 
They are a bonded pair who will help work off each other's energy. They are shy in new situations and with new people. Once they get comfortable, they are sweet cats and would benefit from having regular play time with their human(s). They would be easy to train using food. For all of their energy, when we needed Joey to be still and meow to help us catch a loose kitten, he did it. It is quite the story. They prefer the Pentatonix version of "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful" to Home Free's version. They also patiently watch all three Pitch Perfect movies because they enjoy a cappella, and they know their foster mom loves the movies.
Joey and Sarah will need to go to an adult only home with cat ledges, trees, scratching posts, etc. They want to love kids but will forget that they are not simply a shorter trampoline than the adult sized humans which can be a tad scary for kids.
  • Est DOB 08/02/17
  • Adoption Fee $75

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