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Cv Litter Loki

Lily and Loki are a bonded brother and sister with adorable matching noses. These siblings came to us after their original family lost their housing and were unable to keep them. Rather than focus on the negative part of this story, we want to focus on what a wonderful job their first mom did in raising warm, fuzzy, people loving cats. 
They used to live with toddlers, and while Loki doesn't always enjoy being held, both of them enjoy sitting on your lap or next to you. They are easy to handle and just fun to see hanging out together. Loki has been known to sit up on his haunches like a dog to make it easier for him to stand up and meet your hand for the head petting. He doesn't like to make his humans to work too hard.
Lily & Loki are good with calm cats and dogs.  They prefer to have a slow introduction to new animals.
Loki is a larger fellow; in fact, he is literally twice the size of Lily.  They are bonded and must be adopted together.
  • Est DOB 08/02/19
  • Adoption Fee $50

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