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Hello there! 

My name is Carla. I came to my foster mom a couple of years ago from the streets of Detroit. At the time, I had kittens and my old foster parents thought that I would be happiest being returned outside. But I think they confused me protecting my babies as me not really liking people.  After some time, I decided I wanted attention and even enjoyed being picked up and having my belly rubbed.  I am so happy to be back inside where it’s nice and warm and I can get attention when I want it.

So now I am searching for a forever home where I can live inside!  I am shy at first and will need an adopter who will be patient with me and allow me time to decompress.

I am completely litter box trained and am good at using my scratching posts. I get along with most other cats after a proper introduction.

I would love a home with a cat tower where I can perch on it and look outside and soak up the sun safely indoors! Do you think that that could be with you? Please consider applying to come meet me and give me a forever home that I so deserve. 


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